Sunday, December 16, 2007


Welcome one and all to Prof. ~.a.~'s Sounds From Another World! This blog is going to be solely for music reviews, be they forgotten weirdness, well-known and influential classics, or new masterpieces of audio art.

Genres that I'll cover include free improv, no wave, early industrial, post-rock, shoegaze, krautrock (and contemporary movements throughout Europe), prog/art rock (including the Canterbury scene), noise (and all its variations), avant-pop, post-punk, synthpop oddities, minimalism, and everything in between!

In a lot of cases, the albums I will review have been reissued. I will note what the original label was, the label that reissued the album, and whether it is currently in print.

Please note that my tags can be somewhat loose, but never disastrously off. For instance, bands/artists from countries other than Germany might be tagged with "krautrock" and groups from before or after the no wave period might be tagged as such. For that matter, some artists are tagged as both "post-punk" AND "proto-punk". However, I feel justified in that the tags are mere guidelines for who the release will appeal to. For example, Whitehouse's BIRTHDEATH EXPERIENCE and Captain Beefheart's TROUT MASK REPLICA would both appeal to no wave fans; the former is similar to (and contemporary with) no wave proper, while the latter was a huge influence on no wave, among other genres. Basically, this is my long-winded way of saying the tags are there so that you know what you might like based on your tastes. At the end of the day, whether you like any given album I review or not is up to you, but do try and give them a listen before you shrug them off!

Feel free to send requests and material for review (contact me for my address if sending a CD/CD-R, or request my email if sending mp3s). I hope everyone finds something to like here! Enjoy!

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