Saturday, December 4, 2010

Psi Com, PSI COM

Mohini, 1985; reissued by Triple X; availability uncertain, but easy enough to find

5 tracks, 29:56

Psi Com was a minor blip on music's radar, but the involvement of Perry Farrell ensured them some sort of posthumous recognition. Farrell provided vocals and percussion, mostly resorting to junk percussives such as engine blocks. The lineup was completed by guitarist Vince Duran, bassist Kelly Wheeler, and drummer Aaron Sherer. If you're expecting a dry run for Jane's Addiction and Porno For Pyros, think again! Psi Com finds Farrell and company making dark goth rock with arty touches. Perry's voice in particular is absolutely indebted to Peter Murphy; only on "Xiola" can you tell what he'd go on to. As for the music, it truly is goth rock, and perhaps not overly notable, but these guys certainly had a way with a tune! Opener "Ho Ka Hey" is the most upbeat track here, rushing along with force and attitude. "Human Condition" and "Xiola" are much more atmospheric, while "City Of 9 Gates" (my personal favorite) goes from dirgey crawl to rave-up at the drop of a hat. Closer "Winds" is perhaps too long, but it's a nice slice of droning gloom nonetheless. You'll probably be able to find this cheap, and I suggest you do. Psi Com may not have been overly original, but they're a perfectly nice listen anyway. This was also their only official release; some bootlegs exist, but I'd approach those with caution.

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